It consists in producing the drawing (MASTER) of the connecting tracks of all the electronic components of the board, starting from the electric diagram provided by the customer and considering all the mechanical link and encumbrances.

It’s a very important service because it gives the bases to the finished product obtaining the best quality, costs and flexibility in production.

The realization of circuit’s layout doesn’t consist only in the scheming of the components on the board, but also in optimization of the spaces to facilitate the assembly directly on the mechanical parts used, this led to a reduction of dimensions and often costs.

Product Unification (Single Layout)

In cases where it is necessary to produce a series of boards very similar to each other just with slight differences INNOTEC can develop a single layout on which it is possible to assemble different sets of components obtaining different versions of the board. This leads not only to costs reduction (because is used a single base for the components) but also to a rationalization of the diversifications of the boards and therefore to a reduction in the number of variants.