INNOTEC s.r.l. is a company that designs, develops, builds and tests electronic boards and devices. It’s one of the best companies in the southeast of Milan for the quality of the job and labour in burning, components’ purchase, THT and SMD assembly, tests, wirings, resin coating and finished product packaging.


In 1989 with ARCHIDEA ELETTRONICA a new company, whose principal service was the assembly of electronic and electric components, was born.

Over the years, the boom in miniaturization and the continuous research of costs reduction in the sector, leading to increasingly frequent assembly automation techniques, has led the company to install of one of the first SMD assembly lines in Italy.

As an innovative technique and still under running, there were many difficulties in the development of this process due to lack of support and experiences to share with other companies in the sector.

Since the market was not ready to use the SMD, our company decided to include a PCB burner service to facilitate the transition from traditional technology (THT) to the new one.

In 1998 INNOTEC was born and the increasing range of services was growing since the complete purchase of electronic and mechanical components, in addition to the final test and testing, was included before the assembly.

The globalization of the markets leads the company to seek resources abroad for the acquisition of electronic and similar components, consequently acquiring greater competitiveness on the market.

Over the years the experience acquired on production in various sectors of electronics has proved to be an indispensable resource for the development of new products and for costumers.

Indeed customers are offered a consulting service that goes from the PCB layout’s design (MASTER) to the delivery of the final product.

INNOTEC’s goal is to free customers from the critical production (material purchase, assembly and final test) so they are able to use their TIME (the most precious resource ever) for other activities, time that is a key factor for the growth of both company and costumer.